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Welcome to the Palm Beach Isles Property Owners Association Community Website!


The goal for this site is a source and archive for community information.  Most of the interaction has moved to the private community.

This website will be a work in progress.  If you have suggestions for the site, input or content and/or other ideas, please email them in!

PBI POA March 2018

  • Our monthly board meeting will be held on Monday, March 5th at 7:30 PM,  at the Singer Island Ambassador Center (free parking behind the Grator Gator).

  • If you have not already done so....Please send in your yearly dues!  (the amount is $200 per year)

Mailto: Palm Beach Isles Property Owners Association
1281 N. Ocean Blvd, PMB #138
Singer Island, Florida 33404



  2. Get involved and make a difference, if you have the time and interest! 

    Island/area community groups (send in your favorites):





    Crime Prevention

    Riviera Beach Police Dept

    !!! Please use 911 for all emergency contacts !!! 

  1. Reminder:

    Garbage Days are Wednesday and Saturday
    Our Trash Day is on Wednesdays

    Tip: Please put your garbage and trash out no earlier than 7:30PM on the evening prior. If you are out of town, consider asking a neighbor to help out and keep an eye on your home!

PLEASE watch your speed limit on our streets and ask your vendors/contractors/visitors to slow down and enjoy the view!   Please ask your service providers/contractors to watch their speed and to be careful entering/exiting our streets/grassways.

The Live Beach Cam is back online!  It is housed at the pump-house on the North side of the Lake Worth Inlet and had been damaged by Hurricane Sandy.  If you have not seen it, it's a great tool for checking the water before heading out on the beach or water!

Visit: Join and instantly connect (or just stay informed) with 202 of your Palm Beach Isles neighbors (reaching 47% of our homes), and over 900 nearby neighbors on Singer Island (and over 1900 throughout the greater Singer Island area) ...that are all members in the social media community site;  It's a free, fun, and an informative community tool for our neighborhood: Visit this link to learn more and to sign up today!


Links to the City of Riviera Beach Online Service Request Form and The New "GoRiviera" Smartphone App:

Submit a Service Request
Request for a service such as a pothole repair, missed garbage, streetlight out, or abandoned vehicle.

Download "GoRiviera" on your Smartphone - Download the free iPhone app or download the Android App..  This free application allows you to submit work requests, city services and also report dangerous conditions or code enforcement issues directly from your phone with pictures/comments.  If you happen to see an area of our city that can be improved, needs maintenance or is of safety concern, PLEASE take a moment to snap a picture and send it in  with the GO Riviera APP. 

Here is an aerial video of Palm Beach Isles
shot by our neighbor Olivier Pouille


Some of our neighbors have put Singer Island on the map
 in the Bahamas (at Old Bahama Bay Resort and Marina,
...bring your sign on your next trip and add it to the post!)


Ficus Whitefly

Ficus Whitefly is a new pest attacking ficus hedges and trees in South Florida. It is a small insect that feeds on Imageficus stripping the plant of its leaves. If not treated severe damage or death to the plant will occur. Whitefly is now in New Floresta and several of our neighboring communities. It is highly recommended that you treat the ficus on your property or you may risk the loss of your plants and your neighbors plants.

For additional information on Whitefly CLICK HERE.



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