Palm Beach Isles
 Property Owners Association


Frequently asked questions for current and new PBI property owners:

This is the ongoing list of recommendations and/or restrictions in our covenants.  Please remember that the POA is run by volunteers that are also residents.  If you have questions, concerns or would like to step up and help out,  please contact the board and let's all work together to keep our community the wonderful place to live that it is.
  • There is a 25 MPH speed limit in our neighborhood.
  • Trash day is Wednesday, garbage days are Wednesday and Saturday.  Put out your trash and garage out no earlier than 7:30 the night before.  If you go out of town, consider asking a trusted neighbor to help pull your bins in and keep an eye out for your property.
  • PBIPOA covenants provide that any construction requiring a building permit needs to be approved by PBIPOA Architectural Committee.  Contact Chip Lubeck 762-0770, Dave Brady 644-5622 or Glenn Rimpela 842-9360 to obtain approval of your plans prior to submission to the City.  
  • To report crime, incidents or suspicious activity in our neighborhood, please contact dial 911. 
  • No Commercial lettering is allowed on those vehicles used and parked in the driveways or garages at any time.
  • No trailers, boats or RVs are allowed in the driveways overnight.  There is no overnight parking allowed in the streets. Violators will be towed at the Owners expense.
  • Boats, trailers, recreational vehicles, RV’s may be stored out of plain view on the Owners property, either in a garage or behind an approved privacy fence.
  • Commercial trade vehicles and delivery people may park temporarily on the street while providing services. Such vehicles will be parked so as not to block mailboxes, driveways or roadways. Residents should advise drivers servicing their homes of these parking restrictions.
  • All vehicles shall drive within the posted speed limits, stop at all STOP signs and drive in a safe, considerate and careful manner.
  • All vehicles operated on the Property shall operate quietly so as not to disturb Residents.
  • Vehicles must have current license plates, storage of vehicles or sale of vehicles is not allowed unless those vehicles are stored in the garage. No assembling or disassembling of motor vehicles except within His / Her garage. Each Lot owner shall be required to clean His/Her driveway of any oil or mold buildup.
  • Pets are requested to be leashed while walking and Owners are required to be fully responsible for the immediate pick up of any animal waste.
  • Each Owner shall keep his Lot free of trash, refuse, debris or unsightly objects. Clothes lines and garbage cans should be kept
    out of view of the street. Collections are made every Saturday and Wednesday, lawn debris and recycling only on Wednesday. Please use the appropriate recycling receptacles and return all containers to a location screened from the street and adjacent Lot owners.
  • Each Owner is responsible for maintaining in good condition their Lot, the residence and all other improvements made on the Lot. A Lot is deemed to be maintained in good condition when all observable exterior surfaces are not discolored, chipped, peeling or otherwise materially disfigured from the original surface. Maintenance of landscaping is the sole responsibility of each Owner and each Owner is required to maintain His/Her Lot in a professional manner so as to be pleasing and acceptable to all Lot Owners. If an owner has contracted with a Lawn Maintenance affiliate the Lawn Co. is expected to remove their debris independently from City pick up. Fences shall be no higher than 6 ft.
  • Construction activity is limited to 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM with the exception of Sundays or any time during Holidays. No heavy construction, excavation, roofing allowed on Saturdays. Construction should be completed in a timely manner.
  • All architectural and structural changes to the residence on a Lot that are not repairs, replacements or restoration to the original condition with approved materials, require Board approval.
  • For Sale or Lease signs may be placed on the property and must be no larger than 4” X 10”. At the time of listing a property with a Realtor Owners must notify their Realtors of the enclosed memos of Etiquette as well as the notice to Purchasers of our $200. annual maintenance fee.
  • Canals and waterways must be maintained in safe boating condition. All vessels must be properly secured at all times and docks should be cleared of any unused boating objects.
  • Garage doors should be kept closed overnight, this is for the safety and well- being of the owner.
  • It's been mentioned several times: we are all lucky to live in a little slice of Paradise called Palm Beach Isles; PLEASE smile at all times and wave at your neighbors whenever possible. 



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